just right pup commissions!

custom art for you by a scruffy trans art pup. comms currently closed (you can still submit to my form if you'd like to get a quote for a spring comm!)


hi! i'm jules/just right, (they/them). i'm a 28 year old trans illustrator and interdisciplinary artist based in rhode island. i love drawing furries and creating artwork using all sorts of methods & media bursting with queer joy.


-payments are made upfront through square, apple pay, or venmo. I prefer not to take paypal but will take it on a case by case basis. i'm happy to work out payment plans for commissions priced at 100$ or higher!-work starts once payment is received (unless we coordinate otherwise!)-because I have so many different commission styles of varying complexity, i do not have a general/blanket turnaround time. however once I begin your slot feel free to request a turnaround estimate!-for a requested quicker turnaround time I may ask for an additional fee of + $15% the full commission amount.-must be 18 or older to commission, regardless of work being sfw or nsfw. by commissioning me you are agreeing that you are 18+ years old.-all commissioners must fill out my form (linked on my homepage). if i choose to work on your commission, i will reach out to you on twitter unless we coordinate otherwise. messaging me about your commission before i reach out to you may encourage me not to proceed with your slot.- if you have any questions for me or need to clarify some details on your form, you can re-edit your form submission.-unless the work is gift art for a friend, partner, etc, i will not draw other people’s characters.-i will send you process sketches for feedback as needed/requested, this is the opportunity to ask for minor edits or cancel the commission with potential partial refund.-once the work is complete,
changes will cost an additional fee depending upon complexity.
-for trans commissioners: if you want me to update your oc/sona's pronouns/gender text i will do this at no additional cost! for design updates i can update at a reduced cost!-i will draw nudity and adult themes (I can provide these samples privately) but reserve the right to refuse to do work that makes me feel uncomfortable or do not wish to portray at my own discretion.-i will never participate in the creation of nfts. if it comes to my attention that you have used my art as one I will permanently blacklist you from my commissions and will take any necessary legal action.-commission may be reposted and printed for personal use and any non-profit purpose such as use as an icon, profile picture, personal tee-shirt, free stickers with credit attributed. if you want to commission me to make a button or sticker design of your character that you intend to sell multiples of i am open to it with an additional fee!-your commission cannot be sold, traded, reproduced for profit, or used without credit.tips are always appreciated!!!
venmo: @jules-zuckerberg

prices & samples

4-frame looping animated gifs
60$ headshots
75$ busts & simple full bodies
+$ for additional frames/complexity
+$45 additional character

click image below for more animation samples:

badges-traditional media (all materials):
$60 headshot, $80 bust/half body, $100 full body
+$ shipping
$50 headshots, $70 half body, $90 full body
+$10 printing and shipping

botan rice candy sticker badges-laminated, mailed & shipped-$85
-digital file only-$70

illustrationsfull color digital character drawings:
$70 (white or flat colored bg)
+$45 per additional character
+$20-50 simple/abstract background
+$50-100 complex background

sketch page:
$35 per half/full body pose, $20 per headshot/bust
-lines can be black or single color, simple shading and bg elements
-will draw additional characters, will also charge per pose
+$ shipping for mailed traditional pieces

colored character sketchpage:
$45 per half/full body pose, $25 per headshot/bust +$ for props

telegram stickers:
$25/each, very artistic liberty!

$45 (can be circular or square)
will include 100x100 and 400x400 px files, will provide other sizes upon request

-polymer clay base w/ acrylic paint and finish
-start at $200 and will increase with complexity + $ for shipping
-feel free to request a quote in your form!

reference sheets:
2 pose- $85 (base price)
will include: back + front view of character, name, pronouns, text info, flat color or photo bg
+$ complex designs may cost more
+$15 per character detail (including headshots)
+$10 up to 3 simple props
+$15 per floating outfit
+$20 mini pose w/ outfit
please feel free to request a quote in your form!

style emulation:
I open for style emulation based commissions on a limited basis with a separate form linked in the posting, look out for those on my twitter!